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The Fort Gratiot Business Association was organized to promote our local businesses and community and to present a unified voice on important issues that affects the success of Fort Gratiot.

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About Fort Gratiot

Like the City of Port Huron, Fort Gratiot was taken from Port Huron Township and was created for the purpose of giving the north end of the county more clout in the fight over moving the county seat from St. Clair to Port Huron. In 1836 some speculators bought large tracts of land north of the fort to create the “Town of Huron”. This plan failed when the “Panic of 1837” hit the nation and a smaller area was developed into the Village of Fort Gratiot. This became an incorporated village in January 1881.

The village became the City of Fort Gratiot in 1889 and remained so until 1893 when it merged with the City of Port Huron. The area has always been known as the “Fort”.